Do’s and Don’ts


Don’t leave wax melts melting unattended around children and pets. Hot wax can burn tender skin and should always be monitored when melting.

Don’t consume wax!  Many of my wax melts and tarts smell and may look like food, but they are definitely not food!

Don’t use a warming dish too small to accommodate melts/tarts. You can always cut up your wax in smaller pieces to fit into your dish.

Leave wax in direct sunlight.  The UV rays will bleach your wax and fragrance oil if left in the sun



Read instructions found on sticker in your package

Keep out of reach of children

Melt responsibly

Store melts/tarts in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight

Follow manufacturers instructions on all wax warmers ( electric and tea light)

Buy enough to share with friends and family…and please come see us again!