It is important as a consumer to be informed about the product that you are interested in purchasing. Below are a list of frequently asked questions. If you have any that you don’t see here, please feel free to contact me via email.

What are wax melts? 

Wax melts are pieces of wax that have been fragranced and colored by The Whimsical Windmill.  Wax melts are a great alternative to candles, because depending on the type of warmer you are using, you wouldn’t need a flame to operate them.

What’s the difference between a melt and a tart?

The only difference between a melt and a tart is  mostly the shape. Actually, the two are interchangeable as they both are pieces of fragranced wax and are used in the same way.

How do I use wax melts?

Simply place your desired amount of wax into the dish on a wax warmer, and as the wax melts it releases the fragrance into the air. Once the heat source is turned off or removed, the wax then hardens.

What’s the best way to store wax melts

My wax melts/tarts are packaged in polypropylene bags or containers. It is preferred to use them for storing your melts. Not only does the packaging protect your wax from dirt and dust, but it also allows the wax to maintain its fragrance. Please do not store your melts in zip lock bags as they will absorb the fragrance from the wax.

How long does the scent last? 

The approximate time melts retain their fragrance depends on the type of wax warmer you are using. A warmer that produces more heat like a tealight warmer will produce a stronger scent throw, but the fragrance will wear off quicker.  A hot plate warmer gives a great throw for at least four to six hours minimum, and a bulb warmer will have a lighter hot throw, but the fragrance will last longer. If you are new to the wonderful world of wax, it is advisable that you find which warmer works best for you.  You should also be mindful that placement of your wax warmer will effect your throw.  I always place my warmers near windows or ceiling fans to distribute the scent throughout the space I’m melting in. Another factor that effects scent throw is the amount of fragrance that was used in the wax, and which kind of wax you are melting.  I prefer a paraffin wax because not only is it firmer than soy, but it throws fragrance better.  However, when properly cured soy can be just as enjoyable.  As stated above, you should always try both before making a determination as everyone is different.

My wax arrived slightly melted, is it still okay to use?

Due to the time it takes to ship wax melts, yours may arrive slightly melted or soft. Just place it in the refrigerator to firm it up, but you may still use it either way.  Do store them in a cool, dry place and not in direct sunlight to avoid melting in high temps.

Do you have any soy wax melts?

As of now, all of my wax is paraffin, but we will have soy wax soon. Please follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or subscribe by email in order to be alerted as we add new products and creations.


Best way to clean my warmer?

When you decide to change your wax simply melt it into liquid and soak up the wax with tissue.  You may also remove any hardened residue with rubbing alcohol.

Can I melt more than one fragrance at a time? 

Of course, and as a matter of fact it is always fun to create different fragrance combinations. Just be mindful of the size and depth of your warming dish.

What does “pour date” mean?

When purchasing soy wax products, the pour date is the date the wax was poured. Soy wax creations need at least two weeks from the pour date to cure.

Do you do custom orders? 

We love custom orders!  Custom orders require a 50% deposit before work can begin.  Once an order is complete, we will then require the balance and shipping fees to be paid in full in order to ship your order. Please be advised that in the event a balance remains unpaid, the customer forfeits the deposit.